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              June 25, 2014 



              Locally grown container stock from our Hollister Ranch at rock bottom prices!


            These plants are of great quality, easy to care for the most part and work great for any landscape. 
            They create a great base and starting point for any landscape design and work perfectly with  
             any modern trend in landscape designs. Some of these plants may be drought tolerant, too.

     We carry natural and organic E.B. Stone soils and ammendments such as;

       *  Soil Booster
       *  Edna's Best Potting Soil
       *  Recipe 420 Potting Soil 1.5 cu. ft. (100% Natural & Organic)
       *  Fir Mulch
       *  Azalea and Camela Mix
       *  And many more
        We carry Kellogg's - " Gardener & Bloom" OMRI and OIM Certified soils 
    and ammendments.   We carry prime soil - Kellogg's Eden Valley Blend Potting
    Our soils and ammendments are formulated for our nursery.  They are top line;  these formulations

     are not sold to box stores, chains or grocery stores and outlets.

   MULCH, MULCH, MULCH your soil to CONTROL WEEDS and retain
   moisture in your garden during this drought!  We carry various OMRI
   and OIM certified organic soils and ammendments.
   If you are interested in natives that we do not have in stock - we may be
   able to order them - so please inquire first and place your order at least
   1 week in advance - preferrably Monday or Tuesday. 
   Natives are beneficial in that they help support the climate, the 
   community and the native ecology. 
   Therefore, you can still have and maintain a beautiful, healthy and
   appropriate garden during a drought.  Check out the Santa Clara Valley
   Water District's drought tolerant plant list. 
   Also, stop by our nursery to pick up PG&E and Santa Clara Valley Water
   District planting and water conservation techniques pamphlets/booklets.
       Rose Bush $26.25      Rose (Patio)Tree  $47.25 
                          Sun loving plants :_))
     CALIPER &  GREAT foliageCOLOR!  Always a popular seller!     These trees will always 
      add great resale value and curb appeal to any home.


       "CarpetRoses" - This rose is a hot seller. It is easy to maintain, has a lot of 

                        color and blooms most of the year. Sun loving plants, too!


    And we have our Fall-Spring 2014 seed selection.



   Back by popular demand "AlfaGrow 100% Natural Fertilizer"  This 

   stuff is awesome !!!  [ safe around children and pets and great for

    vegetables, herbs, annuals, especially roses, etc.] 



       We have Oregon stock:  Spruces, Spirals, Mugo Pines with excellent  

        caliper sizes.........this is very important - the larger the caliper the more

        mature and hardier the specimen. We have a fresh 2013 selection!!

               These trees will, also, add resale value to your home.


            Enjoy the fruits of your garden for years to come by

     adding a fruit tree.  We carry citrus and avocado and

     many other fruit trees.  And, we, also, have Blueberries,

     Blackberries and Raspberries, and Jujube's.  Fruit trees 

     add resale value to your home.  Our  '2014 shipment is

     here. Come soon to pick the best selection!



       Please come see our statues, fountains and bird baths - they add a calming effect to any

     garden and landscape. Our fountains were a good seller last year.


           For a splash of color: We have beautiful colorful handpainted Talavera Pottery. 

    Original Talavera now made in the U.S.! 

        And we now have Clay Pottery.    __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

   We carry live beneficial nematodes.....the natural lawn insect pest destroyer

   (they are parasitic to grubs and other soil dwelling and wood boring pests.... and  Live 

    Flea Destroyers and ladybugs.....the natural pest control for a health

   ORGANICgarden. And, we now sell Praying definately want to

   have lots of these.........They really do work!  Seasonal.  

     Available  Spring 2014---- CAll for availability!



                                              And, yes we carry succulents.




                         Santa Clara Valley Water District fliers and brochures on water conservation  

                  techniques and PG & E Right Tree/Right Place brochures are available for free.  
                    Quantities Are Subject To Availability And Prices May Change Unanounced. We Will Make Every

      Effort To Immediately Update This Website.  


             Please call for pricing or best yet come in and see for yourself.............make Central    

  Wholesale Nursery your San Jose and South Bay nursery store for all your trees, shrubs, and flowers.





Be sure to check back soon to find out about all the great seasonal specials we offer. If you can't wait, call or come by today. We'll be happy to tell you about our specials in person!

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